Self Financing Paramedical Management Association

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Our Services

The Self Financing Paramedical Management Association represents paramedical institutes in Kerala. From 2007 onwards the Colleges were making admissions, purely on the basis of merit. Merit was being determined on the basis the marks obtained for the relevant subjects in the qualifying examinations. ( Admission for various paramedical diploma and degree program for the academic year 2015-16 as per the Honourable High court order WPC/No.19203 of 2013. dated: 24/07/2014 and RP.No.762 of 2014 (G) dated: 10/10/2014)

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A successful career begins with a solid foundation.SFPMA is a group of enthusiastic educationists got along to launch a Global health era in Kerala which offers state-of-the-art in Para medical education ,. Our training services by creating an environment conductive to excellence in growth of knowledge, which can help creating new face value for you in the world.

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The renascence course has many gadgets which has opened new opportunities in the global market. Especially in the field of Health care, . This course makes the student aspirant to become smart, become intelligent & to make them become informed globally.We have realized that every second in the life of our students is of infinite value and we as a team implement & monitor every aspect of student life..